Cloud Consultation

  • Understand customer needs and pain point.
  • Customer orientation solution.
  • Quickly and seamless migration.

20 Years Experience

  • Experience in IT, telecom, and cloud services
  • familiar with various cloud service fields
  • Deployment/operation and maintenance/optimization.

Fully Automated Management

  • Intelligent governance
  • Efficient provision and automation
  • SOP driven with standard procedures (deployment, development, workflows and configuration management)

Diversified Cloud integration Services

  • Various cloud integration platforms, information security, and physical host model

Cloud Product Solutions

Information Security Services

  • Cloudflare, CrowdStrike, Fastly…
  • EDR/NGAV/Overwatch

Cloud Services

  • Amazon Web Services,
  • Google Cloud Platform. Offer full-featured services,
    Most dynamic ecosystem, a full range of features.

Live Streaming

  • Low latency
  • 10,000 people + to connect
  • Customized services
  • Anti-hotlink and DRM
  • Security mechanisms

Overseas Hosting

  • High-performance overseas hosts in various countries
  • Customizable, multi-country, and multi-specification
  • Same-day order with same day launch
  • telecommunications-grade data center

Connect to the World through High Speed

20Gbps local bandwidth in Hong Kong

High-speed 20Gbps local bandwidth, dedicated fiber optic cable to directly connect HKIX1 and HKIX1b

Two-way CN2 to directly connect to mainland China

Connect the telecom CN2 dedicated commercial cables, 5Gbps high-speed bandwidth to directly connect to customer groups in the mainland

10Gbps high-speed international network

Collaborate with several first-level upstream suppliers to provide sufficient bandwidth to connect to the world through high speed

Coverage across entire Asia Pacific within seconds

Directly connect to mainland China, Japan and Singapore, to provide diverse network supports

Overseas Server-Physical

Overseas Server-Cloud

The Great Experience Awaits

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