Here’s 12 Reasons the server and website can’t be accessed

Leyun Cloud Asia – Have you ever experienced an inaccessible website? Or did your website suddenly go down? It’s frustrating, both for users and website owners.

Calm down, don’t panic! The reason why a website is not accessible is not always complicated and requires expensive solutions.

This article will discuss how to deal with inaccessible websites and their causes.

Cause Website Not Accessible

  1. Traffic Blowing (Viral Effect)

This increase in traffic is due to many visitors accessing your website simultaneously. It can be caused by viral content that attracts many people.

Relax; there are some solutions you can do by increasing your web hosting capacity, consulting a service provider to provide the right solution and solution for your website, or switching to using cloud computing. Cloud computing offers higher scalability, so you can quickly increase server capacity.

  1. DDoS Attack

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is a dangerous cyber attack. This is carried out by continuously flooding servers with fake traffic. This causes the server to be overwhelmed and unable to handle the original traffic, causing the targeted website or server to go down.

  1. Internet connection

Check your Internet connection if you can’t open the website. Please don’t rush to tell me that your website is in trouble. Try checking the internet connection to see if it’s in good condition or not. Sometimes, lousy weather problems and improvements from internet service providers also affect access.

  1. Domain Expired

When running a website, use the domain you usually purchased for the first time. This is where the site runs. The domain has its own timeout, so you have to renew it every time it expires.

  1. There’s a problem with the DNS

DNS, or Domain Name System, plays a crucial role in redirecting visitors to the correct server. When there is a problem with the DNS configuration, visitors may not be able to reach your website. DNS problems can majorly impact website availability and result in frustration for users.

  1. Cache and cookie issues

Another problem may be that you have yet to try to do cache and cookie deletion on your browser. This is often the reason the website can not be opened on Android.

  1. IP Access Blocked

One problem with a website not being open is that too many people access the server, and then the server is supposed to do DDOS, so your website’s IP is blocked by the server’s firewall, which works to protect your server.

  1. Website exposed to hacking and viruses

A virus or hacker attack can damage or even take over your server. The impact can be detrimental, significantly if sensitive data or customer information is affected. The security of your system is an important thing to pay attention to in server management.

  1. Domain Expired

Domain expiration is one of the reasons why the website is inaccessible, so check the Domain Return on your website if you encounter such a situation.

  1. The.htaccess file has an error.

The.htaccess file is an important configuration file for websites with Apache servers. Check back the.htaccess file if your website can’t be opened. Usually, the. htacccess file has a fatal impact on your website, such as errors 404 and 500, loop direction, and website inaccessibility.

  1. There’s been a natural disaster.

Unexpected conditions, such as natural disasters or power outages, can cause a server to be down. These conditions are complicated and often require a strong resource backup or emergency plan to keep the server operational. Examples are using Deka Vault as a Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery to keep the server running despite facing out-of-control conditions.

  1. Maintenance Server

Server maintenance is the most common cause when the server is down. Server maintenance needs to be done periodically to fix existing problems on the server, improve performance, add features, and so on.

However, server maintenance costs are carried out outside productive hours for a short duration to keep the website user’s activity uninterrupted.

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