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Speed up your website

  • Get CDN and deliver static and dynamic content at ultra-fast speeds across our global network.
  • Make your site even faster and more reliable by adding performance products that serve your site via the fastest internet connections while ensuring zero downtime.

The benefits of the Cloudflare CDN

Blazing fast speed

Cloudflare operates within approximately 50ms of about 95% of the Internet-connected population globally.

Reduced latency

Cloudflare distributes your website’s content across 310 data centers worldwide, making sure that wherever your visitors are, they can access your site quickly and without any noticeable delays.

Lower bandwidth costs

Reduce requests to your origin server by caching content on the Cloudflare CDN, resulting in lower bandwidth usage and associated costs.

Do more with Cloudflare CDN

Customize CDN Caching

Control what content is stored on the Cloudflare CDN and how. Caching criteria includes file extensions, query strings, origin headers, and more. CDN caching logic can be easily fine tuned in Cloudflare plans.

Increase cache hit ratios

Using Tiered Cache, Cloudflare dynamically identifies the data centers closest to your origin(s) to help ensure higher cache hit ratios, fewer origin connections, and a reduction of Internet latency.

Support for HTTP/3

HTTP/3 is the latest generation of the protocol that powers the web which uses QUIC instead of TCP as the transport layer. It’s a new Internet transport protocol helps accelerate delivery of traffic.

Improve web performance by 30% with Argo Smart Routing

  • Argo Smart Routing supercharges the Cloudflare CDN by using data from millions of requests to route your traffic across the fastest and most reliable network paths.
  • Instantly improve site speed, reliability, and reduce cloud egress costs with minimal changes to your configuration.

Reduce server strain and latency with Load Balancing

  • Load Balancing distributes traffic evenly across your healthy servers, automatically failing over when a server is unhealthy or unresponsive.
  • Cloudflare makes it easy to set up load balancing and monitor your servers at configurable intervals and across multiple data centers.

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