CLOUDFLARE is a global network performance and security company that offers a wide range of cloud services to accelerate, protect, and optimize websites and applications.


Protect all web applications

DDoS protection, WAF, Rate Limiting, Bot management

Protect your entire network

Magic Transit Spectrum

Secure access for corporate networks

Cloudflare One

Cloudflare Features Overview

Every Cloudflare service runs on every server in every Cloudflare data center

209 Tbps

Network bandwidth, with 12,000 interconnections (i.e the Internet, large ISPs , cloud services i.e Microsoft , GCP, AWS)

300+ 100+

more than 100 countries/regions ( including 35 Chinese cities )

28 million +

Internet Properties / Websites
35 mil HTTP requests / sec
16 mil DNS requests / sec

100% Uptime

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

<50 ms

of 95% of the Internet-connected population globally

70 billion +

Current average daily blocked Internet threats

Cloudflare Reverse Proxy

Before using Cloudflare, Origins were exposed to visitors and attackers

Using Cloudflare, all requests are routed to the nearest Cloudflare data center

Cloudflare Services

Application Services

Domain Name System ( DNS)
Credential Service ( SSL/TLS )
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Load Balance
Rate Limiting
L7 DDoS Protection
Web /API firewall
Bot Management
Log & Analytics

Zero Trust Services

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)
Secure Web Gateway (SWG)
Browser Isolation (RBI)
Cloud Access Broker¹(CASB)
Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES)
Data Loss Protection (DLP)

Developer Services

Workers KV
Object Storage(R2)
Serverless storage solution (DO)
Image management storage (images)
Front-end collaboration platform (Pages)
Live broadcast/on-demand service (Stream)

Network Services

WANaaS (Magic WAN)
FWaaS (Magic Firewall)
Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention² (IDS/IPS)
L3 & L4 DDoS Protection (Magic Transit)
Intelligent routing (Argo)

Provide convenient and intelligent integrated protection

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Why Is Cloudflare better?

The fastest internet experience

95% of the world’s population is online. Can reach within 50ms, continuously protecting and accelerating each user.

There are more than 300 global network nodes in more than 100 countries , effectively blocking attacks where they occur .

More than 12,000 networks are directly connected to Cloudflare , including all major ISPs and cloud providers everywhere.

Rich combined services

Single instrument control panel, convenient and easy to use .

Every server in every data center around the world is fully functional , fully accelerated and protected.

It is easy to import and perfectly fits with various types of local architectures without any changes.

Reduce the attack surface while improving performance.

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