Unlocking Possibilities: Leyun and Fastly Collaborate, Bringing Innovative Solutions in 2024!

Who is Fasly?

In 2011, Fastly’s founder and Chief Architect, Artur Bergman set out to address the limitations of legacy Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

At the time of the inception, the lack of flexibility, visibility, and scalability in the legacy CDNs prompted Artur to envision a radically modern approach. He recognized a pressing need for a modern solution that offered fast, secure, and reliable experiences at a massive scale and aimed to design a platform that could meet the demands of companies ranging from those handling real-time airline bookings to online ticket sales and breaking news on the web.

Out of this necessity, Fastly was born.

In 2020, Fastly acquired Signal Sciences, enhancing Fastly’s robust security portfolio. This strategic addition empowered Fastly to the industry’s first and only unified WAF offering, at a time when edge security has never been more critical.

Fastly was built to put the power back into developers’ hands, and the world’s fastest edge cloud network made that possible. Fastly designed a platform to power the developers’ ability to write and deploy code instantly at the edge.

This platform is designed to be self-service, highly accessible, and API-first, setting Fastly apart from the traditional approaches offered by legacy CDNs.

Looking forward, Fastly continues to pioneer innovation in delivering secure and exceptional digital experiences.

Product Overview

l  CDN

If you prioritize reliability, speed, and the flexibility to tailor your delivery, Fastly’s CDN is your solution. With real-time observability, programmatic control, and built-in security, Fastly empower you to deliver the dynamic experiences demanded by today’s users.

l  Security

Fastly Next-Gen Web Application Firewall (WAF) is an advanced solution delivering comprehensive protection for your applications, APIs, and microservices, wherever they live, from a single unified solution.

It’s so effective that almost 90% of customers use it in blocking mode. Traditional WAFs rely on regex pattern-matching rules that are difficult to manage and require constant tuning to avoid false positives that block legitimate traffic. Fastly’s Next-Gen WAF effectively detects and blocks malicious traffic without tuning, so your AppSec teams can focus on bigger problems.

l  Compute

Compute@Edge, Fastly’s serverless compute environment allows you to run your code, in your favorite language, on our global edge network in a highly secure execution environment— without having to manage the underlying infrastructure.

Leyun Asia:Partnership with Fastly

Leyun Asia is proud to announce our collaboration with Fastly and introduce the outstanding products of Fastly’s in 2024. Our vision for future development is clear—we aim to introduce and promote this exceptional product to enterprises across Indonesia, offering not only an additional choice to the market but also dedicated ourselves as a dependable total solution provider for customers with demand for Information Security and Cloud Services. Fastly, being among the global leaders, aligns seamlessly with our commitment to providing top-tier solutions.

For those interested in learning more about Fastly, we welcome inquiries and discussions to further explore the potential benefits of Fastly’s products for your organization.

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